A squeeze of lemon into warm water every morning has more lasting effects than one might think...


Cleanses the system: juice from fresh squeezed lemons act as a diuretic and help flush the system (ie they make you pee a lot). The citric acid in lemons also stimulate the liver, which also detoxifies your body
Skin: the antioxidants and vitamin C in lemons help give you a glowing complexion. In addition, it's alkaline level helps kill the bacteria responsible for acne. 
Immunity. The vitamin C does more than give you a beautiful complexion. Vitamin C as well as potassium work to strengthen the body's immune system   
Hydration: the lemon water combo help to hydrate and replace fluids used by your body's operational functions
Weight loss: the high levels of pectin fiber found in lemons help curb hunger cravings. 
Fresh breath: the tart lemon flavor freshens your breath and relieves gingivitis 


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