16-48 hours. I like to focus on the bigger picture: learning to fuel and meet your body’s needs on a daily basis! Your daily diet should support the liver detox process– not through a ritual you do 1-2 times a year. Society seems to be very focused on eating “less” and “dieting” (cleanses/detox diets can reinforce that) and I find people actually end up needing far MORE food than they think (and that nutritional deficiencies actually down-regulate the appetite further). Because in the end, you want your body to FUNCTION better, and naturally detox more efficiently. This is achieved when you give your body what it needs on a DAILY basis, not when you play restrictive, limiting games.
Liquid fasts and cleanses

From my perspective, it’s hard to make a blanket recommendation on cleansing (without knowing a person’s health/dietary history), but my general recommendation is against liquid fasts and cleanses. Because proteins DRIVE the detoxification process, cleanses based on juices, fruits or vegetables do not make a lot of sense.

Also, any time you partake in a fast or cleanse (with the exception of when you have the flu!) you are forcing a regimen on your body, and that often that means ignoring your own bio-feedback, cravings, and intuition. “Any craving is a good starting point, because we have several biological mechanisms for correcting specific nutritional deficiencies.” -Dr. Ray Peat. For example: if someone is in a hypo-metabolic state (slowed metabolism), the body naturally holds on to more water in tissues, craves less water, and craves more salt and solid food. Partaking in a cleanse in the form of a liquid diet would do much more harm than good for this person.
Regardless of your decision to do, or not do a  liver detox/cleanse, don’t ever forget that your body is always talking to you about what it needs. Learning to listen is an amazing tool for building your nutritional wealth so that you can empower your body’s natural detoxification system!



The vitamins and minerals in fruits drive phase 1 of detoxification! Costly detox diets and cleansing routines are a waste of money, because organic fruits and fruit juices fuel this first phase of detoxification so much more efficiently!


Choose ripe fruits that are high in vitamin C for maximum antioxidant protection. Some great choices are organic oranges, pure orange juice (without additives), kiwis, berries, papaya, and pineapple.


Beets are an amazing liver detox and beauty food (I love taking a “shot” of this stuff when I don’t have fresh beets on hand). They have the ability to help thin your bile, which allows the body to detox more efficiently.  A common problem is sluggish/stagnant bile flow. After toxins are neutralized in the liver, they are dumped into the bile (bile duct is a river for toxins to move out of the body) and when the bile gets too thick, toxic matter can’t flow out of the body quick enough (leading to fatigue, low energy, constipation, PMS, toxicity and disease)! Regular beet consumption (and a nutritionally wealthy diet) can help strengthen this process naturally!


Buy beets and shred them in your food processor. Have a little beet slaw (with lemon or apple cider vinegar, salt and olive oil) daily or as often as you like to help fuel your natural detoxification system!


Your body needs a certain balance of amino acids (building blocks of protein) to support your bodily functions, particularly liver detox. The very balance you need is achieved when you eat “the whole animal” and ALL of its parts. When you eat just “muscle meats” regularly, including chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc. you tend to create an amino acid balance in the body that favors inflammation, and starves your liver! It is very important to balance the amino acid profiles you consume. Non-inflammatory proteins such as eggs, fish, gelatin, dairy products (milk, cheese), shellfish, and organ meats are excellent choices to increase in your diet to better support your detoxification capabilities.


Try having muscle meats every other day if your intake of non-inflammatory proteins is low. One of my favorite ways to make this easy is to have bone broth and this kind of gelatin every day. But be sure to read this article, so you know how to dose it properly!


Healthy detoxification to support liver health is absolutely essential for good digestion, a healthy metabolism, and proper thyroid function. A good nutrition strategy goes a long way for overcoming poor detoxification without confusion and expensive supplements! If your liver needs some TLC so that you can experience more robust health without fatigue and digestive sensitivity, subscribe to receive tips on how to nourish your body with nutritional therapy!
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