Trying to teach your kid to wipe their bum is not so easy. We’ve got a lot going on here. We’ve got to worry about germs, about cleanliness so they don’t wind up with sore butts, clogging the toilet with what they believe is reasonable to use, and then there is the whole wash your hands the right way thing.

Thankfully my college kid doesn’t read this blog or he might murder me because he was THE HARDEST kid to teach. My daughter on the other hand? A little easier.
Here are some things you can try to take the aggravation out of teaching your kid to wipe their bum. If you have tips your own, please share!

Teach Your Kid to Wipe His Bum

1. I know your preschool is probably telling you they have to wipe themselves. I totally get that. But, some sources say a preschooler doesn’t have the dexterity to actually do it – properly, at least.  And guess what? Shaming a kiddo for not being able to wipe their bum or for not doing it correctly can cause some serious issues (they’ll refuse to poop, or they’ll hide their accidents, and lots more.) Continue Reading  >> Page 2


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