I was going to wait to post about how I am beating my addiction to sugar after I marked 3 months without one sugar craving, but since posting a snippet about it a few weeks ago, I have been flooded with emails and comments asking for more details. I figured since it has been 11 weeks now  – it is close enough.

I am happy to share how I have been getting those sugar cravings out of my life.  It is not only amazing… it is MIRACULOUS!!!! Truly a life changer that has been so easy I am still astounded when I think about it.

So here are the details on how I am beating sugar addiction one day at a time.
Being addicted to anything is not fun, but when you say you are addicted to sugar, others will laugh and say, “ha ha…me, too.”  Addiction and  a “sweet tooth” are two different things.   A sweet tooth is when you want something sweet after dinner.
Addiction is when your mind or that little gremlin in your head won’t stop filling your mind with wanting more and more
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