It’s a great idea to do a regular cleansing of the body instead of simply bombarding it with processed foods and letting the toxins accumulate. The powerful ingredients that can really help you with any detox plan are always fruits and vegetables..  The liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body, so it only makes sense to drink fruits and vegetables to help it function at its best.

32 Proven Detox Drinks for Cleansing & Weight Loss
You can try one, two or all of the detox drink recipes below and enjoy their health benefits.

1. Matcha Mango Pineapple Smoothie
2. Pomegranate Pineapple Lemon Juice
3. Love Your Greens Juice
4. Dieter’s Dream Water
5. Super Hydration Juice
6. Red And Green Festive Cocktail
7. Rainbow Veggie Juice
8. Citrus & Green Tea Detox Smoothie
9. Golden Detox Drink
10. Whole Food Spicy Green “Juice
11. Grapefruit-C ado Sunrise Smoothie
12. Detox Blueberry Fruit Smoothie
13. Orange Surprise
14. Green Smoothie
15. Drink Your Veggies Pizza
16. Ayurveda Detoxifying Tea
17. Mango Ginger Lemonade
18. Love Your Liver Juice
19. Detox Beet and Carrot Smoothie
20. Detox Smoothie
21. Low Carb Green Smoothie
22. Spring Cleaning Detox
23. Honey Drink with Ginger and Lemon
24. Sugar Free Indian Gooseberry Drink
25. Sugar Free Indian Gooseberry Drink
26. Beet Juice Smoothie
27. Citrus Smoothies
28. Green Lemonade
29. Cranberry Bliss Detox Smoothie
30. Natural Daily Detox Remedy Drink
31. Cocktail Wellness
32. Lemon Ginger Detox Drink

You can decide what sort of program is right for you, as there are many different detox plans available. Some people detox over a long weekend, some for two weeks or longer. It’s up to you to determine what your body needs and what you’re willing to attempt. Good luck.


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