Who is not admiring ballerinas and their grace, delicacy, beauty and bodies? Who isn’t feeling ugly and fat when looking at their skinny bodies? Well, maybe most common women which are fighting with fat every day, don’t have many things in common with ballerinas, but, here we will give you one thing that both of you could take advantage of.
Ballerina’s Special Diet: Lose 1 Kg Per Day
Credit :flawlessshape.com
Here will be revealed the secret of ballerina’s bodies: their special diet. By using this diet strictly, you could lose, guess how much… 1 kg per day! I know it may sound not true, but it is no joke. It is possible.  Here you can find how a daily menu of ballerina’s secret diet looks like: 08:00 – unsweetened coffee or sweetened with sugar

10:00 – two boiled eggs
12:00 – a glass of tomato juice (homemade)
14:00 – a slice of bread or toast with 100 g bacon /chicken meat/ turkey meat/ fish
16:00 – 1 apple
18:00 – 100 gr fat-free cheese Other things that you should keep in mind:Besides this strictly diet, there are some things that you may have to consider, in order to get a ballerina silhouette: If you want to get rid of fat, it is recommended for you to drink as many water as possible. At least 2 liter of water. Also, you have to know that it may not be good for you to keep that diet more than 7 days.

Soups are independent meals and should be eaten separately from other foods.
Never mix different types of protein at one meal (such as fish, meat and dairy products).
Nutritionists recommend giving up any sugar and fizzy drinks.
Replace salt with soy sauce or other condiments.
Use milk with low fat or skimmed milk, and if you drink a glass of milk is recommended to dilute it with water or some ice cubes.
The last meal should be three hours before bedtime in order to allow your body to digest the food.
Credit :flawlessshape.com


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