1)Section out the hair from the ears and up and clip it aside for later.  Put the bottom half of the hair in a low ponytail.  
2 - Wrap the ponytail around itself to create a bun, securing with bobby pins.  Don't spend too much time on this, it will all be hidden.
3 - Let down to rest of the hair, except for the mohawk section, and curl everything loosely away from the face using a flat iron or curling iron.
4- When you are ready to curl the mohawk section, over direct the hair straight up as you curl it.  This will give the top layers a nice draped look that's very soft looking once it's pinned.
5 - After all of the top half of the hair is curled, gently sweep everything to the center in the back, bobby pinning the hair around the bun to hide it.
6 - If the layers are too long, scrunch them up slightly and pin them around the bun so they don't hang down too low in the back. 
Because of the amount of hair left in the top half of the hair, you are able to completely hide the bun and get away with not styling the bottom half, saving a ton of time. Read More



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