The most favorite thing about the twisted crown braid tutorial it is it takes literally five seconds to do. Okay so not literally but definitely less than five minutes.You’re going to need a few good bobby pins, and by that I mean don’t use crappy walmart ones that fold on you every time you try to open them up! The struggle is real my friends! And then two elastic bands

Step by Steps:

1)  Take a triangle section of hair near your part
2) Divide it into two sections
3) Add a new section of hair to the front piece
4) Add a new section of hair to the back piece
5) Twist the sections together with the front piece going over the back piece
6) Once you reach the back of your head, stop adding in new sections of hair and just twist the two sections until you reach the end and tie it off with a clear elastic.  Repeat on the other side
7) Take one of the twists and push your thumb and index finger through one of the gaps
8) Pull the other twist through the gap or hole
9) Finish off with a few bobby pins and take out the clear elastics

The Hottest Female Hair Trends for 2015 Year
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