Here are the 15 awesome beauty tips on using coconut oil.

Whip it in your mixer to make a face moisturizer that will be the best you have ever used. It won’t clog your pores either.

Rub it straight on your lips as a lip balm.

For dry or cracked hands take some and rub it all over your hands like lotion then put on cotton gloves, you can do the same for your feet with socks!

Make my slow cooker lotion bars with it to sooth your dry skin

To defrizz your hair – put a small amount into your hands, rub them together and put through your hair

Make bath bombs for you and your kids with it

Make an all natural face bronzer stick with it.

Lessen wrinkles and brown spots by rubbing it under your eyes and on your age spots

It makes a wonderful make up remover just put some on a tissue and gently rub across your eye lids to get your make up off.

Make a great sugar scrub with it and exfoliate your entire body especially those feet, it’s almost sandal season!

Cure cradle cap, just rub it on your babies head and watch it disappear

Use it as a diaper rash cream and barrier by rubbing it on your babies bum.

Get rid of lice. Rub coconut oil all over your scalp and hair, put on a shower cap and sleep in it. Not only will the lice be dead but you hair will be soft and shiny after you wash it.

 Mix it with Terra Shield Oil to make an awesome bug repellent. 

Relieve dry sinuses by putting some on a cotton swab and gently rub it around the inside of your nostrils – don’t go up in there to far and damage anything! Read More

How to Use Coconut Oil for Beauty Treatments
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